March 11, 2009

More Laws or More Freedom to Cure the Great O-pression?

If Adam Smith were here today to witness our economic debacle, this “Great O-pression” which seems to be consuming our wealth with an unprecedented fury, would he support the idea of massive government intervention to “fix” the problems we face?

I tackle this question in my latest Good News on the Law column at


  1. Lawyers also factor in how complicated your case is and the amount of time it will take. Even though the trial itself may only take half-a-day, researching the law, finding and interviewing witnesses, as well as preparing documents and arguments for the trial can take days, weeks or even longer. Sometimes unexpected developments take place that make your case even more complicated, which could result in higher fees.

  2. Most family lawyers provide free consultations to clients where they explain the legal approaches toward a court case. You can use this opportunity to ask questions of lawyers about court experiences and specialities within family law, as well as gaining information about the type of client they usually represent and rates charged.

  3. Housing advocates say the reason many homeowners end up in unaffordable loans is that they either did not understand the terms of their loans or were duped by predatory lenders.