November 4, 2009

"You can't make it in biglaw if you're that worried about what God would think"

Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. - Acts 4:29

A Christian law student's recent post at Christians in a Legal World asks the blunt question: "Would you put your membership in Christian Legal Society (or any other 'Christian' organization) on your resume?"

Over at Auto Admit, a law school admissions discussion board, a long discussion thread unfolds under the heading: "Is Christian Law Student Association acceptable to put on resume?" A sampling of the counsel offered there: "Anybody who knows what they are about wouldn't think you'd be a good fit for biglaw.You can't make it in biglaw if you're that worried about what God would think."

Is being a born-again Christian believer really a career killer in the legal profession? If so, would you (or do you) suppress your Christian identity to advance your professional success?

Here's the comment I posted at Christians in a Legal World:

"I am convinced that God honors us when we honor him. While there may be costs associated with identifying yourself as a Christian lawyer, there are rewards that far outweigh those costs. You may lose some income potential, maybe even some opportunities for career advancement, but you will gain the joy of living an integrated life, and God will have plenty of unexpected career opportunities of his own for you. Don't hide your faith!"

What about you? How do you reconcile your Christian faith with your legal career?

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