January 28, 2010

Lawyer Rule #1: Keep Your Hands in Your Own Pockets

"Doesn't it strike this company as unusual that a lawyer should have both hands in his own pockets?" - Mark Twain

For the third time in my legal career, a lawyer I've rubbed briefcases with in the local bar has gone completely off the ethics reservation, cheating clients out of vast sums of money.

In two out of the three cases, the lawyers in question held themselves out to the community as Christians.

And these weren't subtle cases of murky moral boundaries. No, these lawyers were caught flat out defrauding and stealing from the people they were supposed to be representing.

Why do we bother with fancy rules of professional conduct for attorneys when we can't even follow the 8th Commandment!

Is Mark Twain right?

Are we lawyers really unable to keep our hands in our own pockets?

What's your take?


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  2. It's possible to find a honest lawyer just like it's possible to find a honest politician no matter their beliefs. It's just getting harder and harder.