March 27, 2009

Indian Head Pennies and Holy Moments

As Christian lawyers, sometimes we're thrust into the glare of the public spotlight, seeking justice in some high-stakes, high-profile controversy. Other times, we're called to serve our clients in the most humble, quiet ways. 

Yesterday, I had the high privilege of spending a couple of peaceful hours with the Executrix of an estate in a quiet bank office as we counted and cataloged her late father's coin collection. We reverently sorted well-worn indian head pennies and liberty dollars, imagining the people who had once handled the coins, the lives they led, the tumultuous events they had witnessed, and we occasionally talked in reminiscent tones of how her dad had accumulated the collection. We were diligent but unhurried, cognizant of our sacred duty and the fiduciary trust others had placed in us.

Sometimes the best part of being a lawyer is simply the opportunity to share intimate moments in the lives of our clients. Times when witnessing for Christ means nothing more complicated than being a supportive listener and honorable companion. 


  1. My father is a coin collector. I recently discovered some of the things he had gathered over the years and was astonished at the historical pieces he had. Sounds like a great time of reflection.

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