September 23, 2010

The paycheck for teaching is often small, but sometimes it's huge

Christie McGinley, Regent Law 1L
A former student of mine at Messiah College (where I teach part-time in the Department of Management & Business) sent me a link to this Regent University School of Law "Student Stories" feature about her. She told me, "You're in there as my 'college advisor.'" Here's an excerpt:

She's always found the law interesting, yet it's not the first profession that springs to mind as a good fit for McGinley, who describes herself as "not argumentative" and "not outspoken." Here's what led this amenable, non-competitive young woman to choose a career in law: meeting lawyers who integrated their Christian faith with professional excellence and integrity.

Her college advisor, a lawyer who helped her complete a senior project on Christian liberties, was one such individual. "I had never heard of a lawyer so respected by everyone he knew, and I was blown away," she says. "It was amazing to see how he lived out his faith in his practice and I just thought to myself, 'Wow - that's something I want to be able to do.'" 

And that's why I love teaching. I don't know of any work that pays better!

Have you been blessed by investing your time and talent in something that doesn't provide a big paycheck?


  1. That's great. My niece had you as a teacher too and you were a great influence in her life. My son is now at Messiah in his first year for International Business.

    As for your question? Writing! God pays dividends in eternal ways!

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