September 29, 2009

Christian Lawyers - We Get to Do Fun Stuff Sometimes

Some days law practice is challenging. Trying to honor Christ while bearing the burdens of other people's problems, helping folks pick up the pieces of life's tragedies and losses, staring down the ugly consequences of sin. But on some days, being a Christian lawyer is fun!

Today, I got the joy and privilege of closing on a radio station purchase for my client, a faithful Christian ministry. For many years, One Heart Ministries leased the broadcast rights for WKBO "The Fortress" 1230AM in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. But for this ministry, owning the station outright was a long-deferred dream. That dream finally became a reality today.

Station president and on-air personality, Pete Hamel (seated), was delighted to pose for a picture with me as he inked the final documents in our law firm conference room. And yes, he gave me an official green light to share the good news of the completed deal on social media!

What fun stuff have you been blessed to participate in as a Christian lawyer?

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