October 22, 2009

Future Lawyers: Christian Law School Options

For prospective law students seeking a legal education informed by Christian values and ethics, here's a list of law schools openly proclaiming adherence to such teaching perspectives. The list may not be exhaustive and your comments with feedback and suggestions for adding, deleting or modifying entries based on your own experience and knowledge are invited and welcomed!

Ave Maria School of Law

Columbus School of Law (Catholic University of America)

Judge Paul Pressler School of Law (Louisiana College) - This is a proposed new Christian law school announced in August 2007

Additionally, the Christian Legal Society sponsors active student chapters at many secular law schools (see right sidebar for partial listing).

And whether you're attending (or planning to attend) a Christian or secular law school, you should prayerfully consider applying for the Blackstone Legal Fellowship and the Law, Justice and Culture Institute, both powerful free-standing programs that will help you develop a vibrant and intellectually challenging Christian perspective on the law.

Update 10/23/09 - Here are additional schools which appear to meet the criteria of my initial list, as suggested by readers:


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  3. St. Thomas? Christian? Don't think so.

    Here's a recognized homosexual chapter active on campus called OutLaw:

    Educates members regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues in a positive and productive learning atmosphere; promotes a law school environment free from discrimination, bias and intolerance. Out!Law encourages both GLBT and heterosexual students to participate in this learning process.

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