January 16, 2010

"In Justice" by Alliance Defense Fund CEO Alan Sears: Frightening Future or Emerging Reality?

In Justice is a new novel about an America of the future, a place where basic religious freedoms and rights of conscience have come under vicious attack by hostile government institutions, including the Department of Justice and a new federal agency, the Diversity and Tolerance Enforcement Division. Pastors, ministry leaders, and ordinary believers who dare to express traditional religious values are relentlessly persecuted, perp-walked in high-profile law enforcement take-downs, even killed in overzealous raids gone awry, all in the name of ending "discrimination." And the only hope standing between our last remnants of religious liberty and the powerful Alinsky-inspired forces of secular oppression is a small group of dedicated and fearless Christian lawyers.

The premise of In Justice is believable, but perhaps too believable. Perhaps the emergence of this frightening future is inevitable, or perhaps the story is being overtaken by real world events? The recent comments of a sitting state attorney general and U.S. Senate candidate that "you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room" if you're a Catholic, the unprecedented ongoing expansion of federal government powers, the population of the Obama administration with a multitude "czars" pursuing various radical agendas, and even the new Federal Trade Commission requirement that bloggers like me publish legal notices such as the one appearing beneath this post, all make the book read almost like an immersion in current, rather than future, events.

Either way, Sears knows his stuff. He's been fighting in the trenches of the battle for American religious freedom for decades, and he understands the players inside and out. In Justice offers lawyers valuable insight into the real life world inhabited by legal advocates for liberty, like the Alliance Defense Fund, and it exposes the strategies, tactics, and mindsets of those aggressively seeking to snuff out that liberty.

What are your thoughts on "In Justice" by Alan Sears?

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  1. I just finished reading "In Justice"; I couldn't put it down. For the unaware, it reads like an amazing work of science fiction. Who would believe anything like this could ever happen? Unfortunately, the truths in this book are quite frightening. Most Christians I know are so focused on their own lives that they are not even aware of what goes on around them. Thank God ADF is paying attention!!

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