April 24, 2009

Christian Law Journal: What is it? Who is it?

Anyone know the story behind the Christian Law Journal?

It's an online publication that just recently started turning up in my Google Alerts on Christian law, and it looks rather interesting. It has a professional and comprehensive feel, with lots of current and breaking info, but I can't be 100% sure its not some kind of sophisticated robot aggregator. Here's the description from the about page on the site:

"Founded in March of 2009, the Christian Law Journal exists to provide  christian lawyers and other professionals in the legal community with with up-to-date reports, news and trends in a fast-paced legal environment. Through the Christian Law Journal, legal professionals can find the latest news, technology insights, marketing tips and advice, law school news, verdicts and settlements affecting the christian community, areas for law students, book reviews and much more. In addition, the Christian Law Journal provides customized advertising solutions for marketers targeting the christian legal community."

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