April 17, 2009

Talking Clients Off the Litigation Ledge

Peacemaking Principles: Responding to Conflict Biblically is an amazing (and freely downloadable!) resource I use in my law practice to help clients make God-honoring choices when considering litigation. Produced by Peacemaker Ministries, this little one sheet pamphlet is packed with practical tools and easy to follow biblical guidance on handling conflict.

The brochure exposes typical destructive responses to conflict - escape (denial, flight and suicide) and attack (assault, litigation and murder) - and contrasts them with constructive biblical responses (overlooking offense, reconciliation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and accountability). A trove of relevant scriptural authority in client-friendly format includes The Four Promises of Forgiveness, The PAUSE Principle of Negotiating and The Seven A's of Confession.

Think it's too tough to be a Christian peacemaker in your law practice? Simply hand your potential litigation client a copy of Peacemaking Principles: Responding to Conflict Biblically, suggest they read it and pray before deciding how to proceed, and then watch what happens. (A bit of prayer on your part doesn't hurt either!) You may soon find yourself happily out of work. It's happened to me more than once!

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