April 1, 2009

Through the End of This Journey: Elderly Clients

Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.

- Psalm 71:9 (NIV)

Some days in the law office unexpectedly take on an obvious theme. Yesterday was serving the elderly. With a few minor exceptions, my time was spent meeting with, preparing documents for, and corresponding about older folks.

Several were longtime clients, people I've been working with since they weren't elderly at all. My conference with one couple in particular, though, focused my thoughts on the transient nature of this life and the very personal window we lawyers are granted through which to observe the unfolding change. The husband, a jovial man and a brother in the Christian faith, a genuine and well-loved pillar of our community, is now approaching a quite vigorous 90. His dear wife is fading in her health, moving slowly, speaking slowly, but still smiling and radiating kindness.

We addressed the matters at hand in a business-like manner, but it was at the conclusion of our official work that my heart was touched. Our good-bye was long, extended with unexpected words of appreciation and affirmation from my clients. Words offered with a certain tone of urgency and a look in the eyes that suggested an acute awareness that we may not meet again in this world.

Godspeed, friends.

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