December 3, 2009

The law profs have a verdict, but what say you, practicing lawyer? Essential reads for Christian law students

Over at Redeeming Law there's a new Essential Law Student Reading List, assembled via informal poll of Christian law professors. It's a great list, I'm sure, but quite honestly way over my head. Law professors must always display their immense intellectual fire power, and their list is explosive, if you like long difficult reads.

As for me, of the more than 50 impressive titles listed, I've read only six (only five if you don't count the Bible).

Two decades into law practice, I'm to the point where I can barely focus long enough to read an overly wordy blog post. The chances of me reading too many more of the law professor-endorsed essential books are pretty slim. But I still love to read and learn. Even in chunks bigger than 140 characters. And I know many law students still like to read too.

So I'm wondering, what would my fellow practicing Christian lawyers consider essential reads for law students? What are the "must read" books and blogs to help law students successfully integrate their Christian faith with the practice of law?

From the law prof list, there are two I strongly endorse: Allegretti's classic The Lawyer's Calling and Schutt's more recent Redeeming Law. Both are encouraging and reasonably accessible.

What reads do you recommend?

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  1. @JeshuaTLauka tweeted: Brauch's "Is Higher Law Common Law"

    (tweet posted by permission)