December 18, 2009

What are your Christian clients thinking? Top ten viewed posts of 2009 at my blawg for non-lawyers

I drilled deep into my Google Analytics data for 2009 to determine the top ten most viewed posts of the year over at my "Is There a Lawyer in the Church?" blawg for non-lawyers. Here's what my readers read most:

1. Bankruptcy for Christians Facing Financial Meltdown?

2. Google Gives Glimpse of Legal Struggles Christians Face

3. Good News on the Law: Can President Obama Change the Supreme Court?

4. The Litigation Trap and the Christian Conciliation Alternative: Christianity 9 to 5

5. Good News on the Law: You Can Be a Christian at Work

6. The Madoff Scandal and Three Essential Questions on Wealth

7. Christian Lawyer: Not an Oxymoron

8. Mortgage morality meltdown: Law prof says go ahead, stiff the bank!

9. The Medicaid-Planning Shell Game (full chapter from Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues)

10. Will She or Won’t She? The Prenuptial Blues

What issues do your Christian clients care about?

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