December 1, 2009

With CLE topics like this, it's no wonder lawyers are depressed

Why do so many attorneys struggle with mental health issues like depression?

The possible causes are many: pressure, deadlines, competition, burnout, etc. Or maybe it's just CLE?

I opened a promotional mailer today from the good folks at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (and they really are good folks - I've been privileged to serve on their faculty a couple of times) and was greeted with these uplifting CLE course options:

The Dead Man's Rule 

Death and Taxes

Hot Topics in Oil and Gas Law

Seriously, I don't care who you are or how happy you were, if you spent three days attending this trio of seminars, you'd be reaching for the anti-depressants!

What less-than-exhilarating CLE topics are being offered in your jurisdiction?

1 comment:

  1. Oh this made me laugh... I'm actually seeking for hot topics for a CLE as a fundraiser for legal aid programs in my state, but I just wanted to thank you for my laugh of the morning.